Who we are

SIMS Creation is a Marketing, IT Solutions, Design and printing company that was established in Amman, Jordan in the year 2006, SIMS Creation believes that “with Creativity the Sky is the Limit”. We think like there is no box, there are no boundaries to what we can accomplish, with the combination of our talents, professional experience, innovation and creativity. We are committed to continuous improvement and have established a quality management process, which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance. We never fail to apply the highest standards of excellence when we provide our services to our clients.


Our purpose is to enable businesses reach their ultimate goals using effective marketing, business and IT solutions, we are committed to delivering high quality services that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers to ensure maximum benefits to our clients.


To become one of the top marketing, business and IT solutions companies located in the Middle East, and to expand to other regions Help businesses grow and improve through our strategies To achieve this, SIMS Creation will: Continuously strive to produce the highest level of advice and strategies to our clients Focus on creativity and innovation in everything we do. Improve our service delivery and ensure that we are open to new markets and new ideas Invest in our people, our clients and our craft. Work with clients to ensure that their investment receives the expected return. Give businesses the opportunity to work for themselves under the guidance and systems of SIMS Creation..


Honesty:We employ people that we believe in, and who are committed to our code of ethics.
Professionalism and experience:Our team is qualified and every member of our team is a professional in his/her field of work. .
Commitment:Our team members are committed to each client and are determined to achieving outstanding results for your business.
High standards:We are determined to maintaining high standards when providing our services, no matter the size or type of our clients’ business.
Fun: We work hard but we also believe in having fun, when we are working on your account, we often engage tactics that create fun and laughter and we ensure that each of our employees is as in love with your business as you are.